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safari shirt with pockets 

29,90 €

Short dress evasé of plush in grey vigoré color. Opening on the back, back closure with raw tape. Short sleeve and side pockets. 

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Strap V neck top with lace on the face neckline in black color.

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Mini skirt safari with pockets and elastic band on the waist

98,90 €

Parka in mink color, two side pockets, and a top pocket with zip. Self-adjunting inner straps and button closure. 

69,90 €

Blazer in gray medium color. One front button and two pockets.

69,90 €

Anteline jacket in beige. Zipper closure, two side pockets and opening in the sleeves. 

45,90 €

Oversize gray cardigan, V neck and long sleeves. Bee positional print on the back yoke.

22,90 €

Combined texture top with swim back in plumb. This garment is stained with vegetable pigments in solidarity with the environment. This dye naturally degrades with washes and rubbing. Always wash...

39,90 €

Pearl grey pants with five pockets, three front and two back pockets. Button and zip closure.

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