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We are a women's fashion brand founded in Barcelona in 1986. We design clothes and accessories under sustainable values, betting on proximity production and our own design. We work with local suppliers, boosting the economy of our own environment. In this way, we managed to project that Mediterranean air that characterizes us.

In System Action each garment is unique. Our proposals are versatile and adapt to a wide audience of women, but always adjusting to the patterns of elegance and naturalness. With a casual, urban and feminine style, the System woman has grown with us, thus transmitting the passion for our brand.

The System Action customer is a modern, practical, elegant woman with a natural and comfortable style. The freshness that the collections breathe makes the brand always young, with its own identity and with designs designed to accompany the woman throughout the day. We currently have 20 points of sale located in Spain, and also with the online channel (www.systemaction.es).

In June 2018, we began a short-term expansion strategy, led by the Paz Torras textile group, based on opening points of sale in the strategic locations of each city. This same one, includes the opening of three points of sale and the impulse of our online channel.