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We are System

Born and designed in Spain since 1986

We are a fashion brand founded in Barcelona in 1986. We design clothing and accessories with the
objective of offering our clients a responsible collection, with timeless garments of our own design
that last several seasons in your closets and products made mostly in Spain.

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System Action is the brand of women who are above trends, those who value the quality and construction of each garment they wear. Our clients are addicted to Saturday morning walks that end in a brunch, extend it until the afternoon, put on some cowboy boots and turn their daytime look into a great look for the night. That rebellious spirit that our clothes have is breathed by the women who wear them.

Clothes that caress the soul

In our commitment to quality and authenticity, we aspire for each garment to be more than just a fashion item, becoming an experience that resonates in the souls of those who choose to wear System Action.

Time for Action

At System Action, we are connected to social and environmental reality. We know that we all have to do our bit to improve the world and, for this reason, we are very focused on producing and manufacturing through sustainable and conscious processes.

The garments in our Time for Action collection are made from recycled and sustainable fabrics such as linen, cupro and bamboo, among others. In addition to going through production processes with low environmental impact and proximity.

The number of garments that belong to the time for Action collection is increasing and it is our goal to improve every day and show our most sustainable version.

We work with sustainable production processes and each season our Time for Action collection grows and improves.

We bond to our origins because that defines our identity. All our garments are designed in Barcelona.

We work with quality materials and processes to give durability and timelessness to our garments.

What is natural is real, authentic and without artifice. Naturalness helps to see the soul of the brand.